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Posted on October 27th, 2020

Hi everybody!! Here are the latest SIE happenings!

Happy Hour – Wednesday evening (The 28th) at 6:00 pm. Look for the Zoom invite!

November Meetings:

    November 5th  – Join us at Shamus! And Zoom for those not attending in person
    November 12th  - Zoom Business Meeting
    November 19th – Regular Meeting (Speaker or Program TBA)

Here’s what’s going on!

    Did you know that we have 4 new members since September!!!

    Denise Gillette, Erin McCarthy, Jenn Hood and Lisa Morehouse are our newest members. We are so blessed and excited to have these wonderful women join us.

    STOP Traffic Banner On Bus. We are going to be handing out a Trafficking Hotline poster to members to put up in motels, bars, and other restrooms.  Make sure to get some at the next in person meetings.

    Tied Blanket project to be sent to 3 Soroptimist clubs with members affected by fires. Once we have 31 blankets completed we will send them where they are needed. We hope to be able to tie a few blankets at the next in person meeting.

    Members are continuing to work on phone calls and Greeting Cards for seniors who receive home delivered meals. The seniors love receiving these cards while they are sheltering.

    Karen Mann has taken on the job of Chairing our local Toys for Tots program. Jessica will be Karen’s assistant and Dyann will do the Advertising for this program. We love you Karen!! Thank you for being our Service Chair.

    Continue to share information about our Awards. The Live Your Dream and Violet Richardson Awards have an application due date of November 15th. Our Ruby Award as a due date of December 1st and the Courage Award has a due date of December 15th. Please login to our website for more information. Soroptimist International of Eureka - Awards

Here are some member Spotlights!

 Jessica Hindley – since this amazing woman has joined our club, she has contributed in a variety of ways. She chaired the Blood drive that we had earlier this year and she is our SIE Board Secretary. She is also participating in an employer match program at US Bank. Just last week we received a check from US Bank for $185.

Donna Ayres – Here is another member that is so invaluable to our club. Donna participates in all of our activities. When a member needs help, she is ready and willing. Recently she became a 4th level Fellow. Our district fellowship director Crystal Arbuthnot will be presenting the Fellow to Donna in the near future. And if that isn’t enough, Donna has pledged $1,000 to our club to be flagged for Service.

Dyann O’Brien – Our awesome member Dyann is so enthusiastic and helpful. Think back to earlier this year to the Kool Kitchen Crew. All I can say is wow!! With the help of many of our members and non-members too, SIE and the Salvation Army were able to provide much needed meals to the residents of Silver Crest. Big Kudos to Lorretta Dulay too.

Sandra Weyer – Our wonderful member Sandra has been sheltering in place and has been unable to socialize the way that she loves to. And can we say travel!!! She has missed out on that too. Year before last Sandra stayed at the church after the spaghetti feed and helped with the dishes and the clean-up. My feet were aching and I wanted to go home, but I was inspired by Sandra and all of the folks that stayed after to help clean up. Sandra not only gives of her time; she gives funds to our club as well. We recently received a check from her for $500. She purchased 3 T-Shirts and donated the balance.

Please reply all and send your shout outs to our members. Soroptimist International of Eureka Rocks!!! I will be sending out some more member Spotlights!!

Posted on March 30th, 2020

Due to the Coronoavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic and the "Shelter in Place" order, our club meetings have moved to an online format.

What a great way to get re-connected. A big thank you to Kris for setting this up for our club. We also had other members that offered as well.

Here is what we “Zoomed” about.

Since we are unable to have our awards reception and presentation at this time, we definitely want to recognize our awardees. We will do so in the following ways:
 On Facebook, our website and in print media.  Each individual award chair will contact their award winner(s) as a follow up to the letter that Ann Jadro-Bettiga will be crafting for each award winner. We already have press release forms from each recipient, however, it would benefit us to remind the winners and verbally get their permission again.
Please use the following link to see how Founder Region has recognized its winners. We would like to do something very similar. Many of us are hoping to have live video of the winners along with an acceptance “speech” from them. If we don’t have an acceptance letter or video, we can always use excerpts from their application essays.

Service – Elaine
Elaine gave a summary of Service and where the fund stands. We have $377.88 of the funds allocated to Food for People that has not been used,  $155.42 for CR hygiene bags that will not be used since they are closed. $100.00 from Trees of Mystery since that is canceled. $442.15 allocated for DIBI which is not used. $440 for International Project which we will probably not get done this year.  Service is suggesting to reallocate the $300 for the Blood Bank (food for donors) to their new Van. We also want to save the $1,000 for Trafficking Awareness until next year.  That gives us about $1.355 to use to help our community.  I would like to suggest $400 for food for People and some to Senior meals and Betty Chinn and maybe the Rescue Mission.  I don’t think we should ask members to volunteer anywhere. So sending checks seems the best way to help. There maybe ways we can help individually, like making masks, but not as a group. If anyone has suggestion, I think they should be put on the Facebook group site.
Brooke suggested that we contact the Salvation Army – Lorretta Scott and find out what their needs are.  Boys & Girls club may need help in feeding the kids or donating money.

– Dyann
The slate of officers is due at our first meeting in April. It was suggested that with the current Covid 19 situation, that the officers remain the same. The nominating committee had not received a lot of input from our membership. However, during the call, we found that there was a lot more interest from new members that was earlier thought. Thank goodness for the Zoom meeting, because we now have some “new” members that will be nominated. That is truly exciting news. As a club, we need new ideas and a fresh perspective. Thank you to our new members and a big thank you to Brooke for her input!!
And if you are interested in being Treasurer, please contact Dyann, Brooke or Donna.  

Event cancellations: 
Spaghetti Dinner – Brooke Engel
Event is postponed and most likely cancelled. Please return any money already collected from anyone outside club membership.  
Quarter Craze – Karen
Event is cancelled and we are planning for a future date.  No expenses incurred yet. (Carole do you have future dates available?)
Future Events
April 22nd Blood Drive for our local Blood Bank – Jessica Hindley reported that the drive is still scheduled – however no dinner provided by club. Only 4 people at a time, no children, 6" distancing, flyers/sign up sheet coming.
Jessica will report back with more information.
Region Conference Basket and Tickets- Clubs will continue to sell tickets to benefit Soroptimist Dream Projects. However, instead of being in a drawing for all of the Founder Region Club’s Baskets, the tickets that we sell will be for our own basket. Brooke Engel will be putting a basket together with a value of $150. It is recommended that the basket be filled with local products to benefit our local merchants. A drawing date will be determined. Please e-mail myself or Elaine if you would like more tickets, either for yourself or friends/family. (A separate e-mail went out on Thursday.)

While we Shelter in Place:
1.       Thursday noon is the best option for most people for our Zoom meetings. Kris will set up recurring meeting through Zoom and send out link.
2.       Karen suggested to start cleaning out closets for donating to people in need.
3.       Invite non-profit speakers to present through our Zoom meeting.
4.       Brooke suggested getting certified for Human Trafficking awareness through the Salvation Arny. Brooke will send out the link.
5.       Marshall Family Resource Center needs conditioner, shampoo and soap. Danelle will send out flyer.
6.       Dyann is sewing masks and she has the pattern if anyone else wants to help make them.
7.       A big thanks to everyone that is reaching out to one another. For example: Karen talked with Judy Stoffer, Debbie Tompson, Sandra Weyer, Amy Whitlatch, Donna Ayers,
7.And Margaret Clarstrom, Bev Hood, and everyone is good and making the best of the situation. Dyann has been in touch with Kate Burns. Please give Kate a call. The afternoon is a good time.

Bragg and fines, etc. : Here’s a quick recap - eating too much – and tips for that are;  drink water before eating, exercise everytime you get up, stop eating after 7, no baking,  walking everyday, nap to avoid eating, bought Pelaton to excercise, love hearing everybody laugh again and is a great best way to de-stress.  Facebook is keeping us all connected, working with bridal industry is sad and stressful, loved ones passing away and can't attend services or visit family, grey hairs growing out oh no!, nails/toes in bad shape, walks on the beach,  call members to cheer someone up. If all of this is too much, please reach out to someone. We are all here to help during this strange and, for lack of a better word, scary time.

Posted on February 19th, 2020

Hello SIE Members:

Thank you to everyone that facilitated the meetings while I was on vacation.
Meeting reminder:  Tomorrow, Noon at the Red Lion Hotel. Our program tomorrow is Foster Kinship Care.
“It is the mission of the Foster and Kinship Care Education Program at College of the Redwoods to provide quality education and support opportunities to caregivers of children and youth in out-of-home care so that these providers may meet the educational, emotional, behavioral and developmental needs of children and youth in the foster care system.”

Dyann has sent me some notes for a recap of the meetings. (Thank you Dyann)

February 2/6/20- speaker from HCAR Career Services – Steve Boehls, $50 check given and photo with Steve and Burrill. I had a few comments texted to me about how great the meeting was and that everyone was just happy to be together.

February 2/13/20- business meeting - Brooke did a really good job running the meeting and Ann took the minutes.  

Voted for Ruby Award winner

Agreed to have Quarter Craze May 28th.

Spaghetti Dinner – March 21st
Brooke has graciously taken on the Spaghetti Dinner planning as Cori is dealing with many personal issues at this time. Brooke has already contacted several key members regarding the Spaghetti Dinner. Thank you Brooke and all of our members for stepping up!!
Dyann is heading up the raffle, Kris has printed out and distributed tickets. Donna is having members sign up for placemat ads. Hannah is doing our Publicity. There will be a Spaghetti Dinner Committee meeting this Friday at noon – Tea Garden Café.

We forgot to vote on Spaghetti Dinner budget- We will have a  special meeting this week to vote on that. (Tomorrow at noon, Red Lion Hotel)

Carol invited members to attend Kiwanis dinner for May 20th. Sign up sheet was passed around.
Karen scheduled a Quarter Craze meeting for today at Noon ( 6 of us showed up. We suggested to her not to ask for additional raffle items until after spaghetti dinner.) Date for QC is May 28th and it will be at Humboldt Grange.
Julie Lee from SI/Arcata (formally SI/McKinlyeville president) visited our club… she is transferring to SI Eureka!!

New business from the Board:  We would like to do an all Service Clubs luncheon in the fall. Carol will chair and it will be in honor of Kate Burns, since she started doing this years ago.

SI/Eureka or Ann is hosting a table for the SI/Eel River Valley Sips for Soroptimist Annual Tea and Fashion Show in Fortuna. .  A sign-up sheet was passed around. The date is March 8th from 1 to 4 pm at the River Lodge Conference Center. I’ve been to this event in the past and enjoyed it very much.

If anyone has something to add, please reply all and send us a message. We’d love to hear from you. Members that are unable to attend really look forward to the meeting recaps.

Posted on February 6th, 2020

Thank you to Steven Boehi from HCAR, Comprehensive Career Services, who spoke to our club today. We always give a donation so our speakers as well.
Hello Ladies,
Please join us at the Red Lion for our noon meeting tomorrow. Our program/speaker will be from HCAR. Thank you Brooke for securing our programs. You Rock!! This month we will welcome Foster Kinship. Future programs may include Roller Derby and the Blood Bank.

For the next few weeks we are collecting coats for the clothing closet at CR as they are in desperate need of coats, men's or women's.  

SI Happenings
February 22nd-President’s Round Table
March 12th-Awards Reception
March 21st-Spaghetti Dinner
Founder Region Conference May 1-3, 2020 - San Ramon Marriott, San Ramon, CA

Posted on January 2nd, 2020

Our speaker was Kris Chorbi. She spoke on two topics. The first was for the SI President’s appeal. Kris hit all of the points listed below:
THE ROAD TO EQUALITY, our next Soroptimist International (SI) President’s Appeal, was announced by President Elect Sharon Fisher as she invited Soroptimists around the world to join her on a two-year road trip to find and empower women and girls who have been left behind.  The Appeal will raise awareness of human rights challenges that prevent women and girls from reaching their full potential.

Sharon explains: “The Road to Equality Appeal, 2019-2021, will focus on issues already the focus of much of the SI advocacy work, such as child marriage, FGM/C, the rights of older women, human trafficking, migration, and domestic violence.  A grassroots project for each topic will bring stories from the field that we can share, allowing Soroptimists to turn up the volume of our global voice.  Webinars and seminars will unite our membership, and host important conversations that bring to life the stories, issues and challenges that matter to women and girls.  On the road we will renew relationships and make new ones as we join together with other organizations traveling together to increase our presence and our impact – none of us can do the job alone.

For more information:

The second topic was “ORANGE THE WORLD”.  We wore Orange last Thursday to bring attention to Gender Based Violence.  Here is a link from SI of Europe for more information:
How many of you saw our photo in the Times Standard this morning?

Our Soroptimist Trivia question was related to the SI President’s Appeal. “What is the current president’s appeal?” It is The Road to Equality.” Thank you, Brooke.

To top off the meeting, the following question was asked, “What kind of holiday traditions are your favorite during the season?” Everyone present shared including our guest. That was a preview for the Holiday Party to be hosted by SI Eureka’s Board. It was wonderful to hear everyone’s favorite traditions (and not so favorite).

Look for another e-mail tomorrow with our SIE happenings for your calendar.




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