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Posted on October 7th, 2019

Hello SIE Members,We had another awesome meeting at the Red Lion Hotel. Thanks to Brooke Clark, we had a mini celebration of the anniversary (birthday) of the founding of Soroptimist.

We are proud to be part of Founder Region which is so named because the first Soroptimist club met and was chartered in Oakland, California in 1921 when the first club, Soroptimist Association of Alameda County (now known as Soroptimist International of Oakland - The Founder Club) was formed.

Brooke decorated the meeting room with a banner, candy, cute "lanterns" with butterflies and even brought tiaras for us to wear. Our Trivia game question was going to be about the specific anniversary date, however, we had to move on to a more difficult question. Since we are an enthusiastic group, someone let the answer slip before it was asked. Brooke went with her backup plan....What is the Power of Eight? I didn't know, but someone in the club did.

 We had a lot of fun and took pictures of course! I'm sure that you saw them on Facebook! If we post a photo on social media, we should engage people by prompting them to comment. Perhaps we ask a question, such as, "What was your favorite part of the meeting?"

Following our Trivia question, Ann Jadro-Bettiga presented our Soroptimist Snippet. Thursday's Snippet was about our Violet Richardson Award. She explained that the  Violet Richardson Award honors young women between the ages of 14 and 18 for volunteer action such as fighting drugs, crime and violence, cleaning up the environment and working to end discrimination and poverty.

The award is named after Violet Richardson, the president of the first Soroptimist club in Alameda County in 1921. Richardson believed in personal responsibility and the motto, “It's what you do that counts.” She lived her life accordingly, as an active member in her community who was committed to creating opportunities for girls and young women. Soroptimist established this award to honor the memory of this unique woman and her dedication to volunteer action.
Our speaker was Allie Heemstra of "Allie Illuminates". Allie talked about how to create a cohesive brand identity and how to optimize your online presense. She emphasized that if we want to engage the community, then we should engage our members first. Allie commented that we are already doing that by showing our members that we care about each other during our meetings. 

One of her points was that a brand is what your customers, community members, friends, customers, etc. say about you behind your back. Here is a link to Allie's website

We had attendance of 17 members, 1 guest, and our speaker. Our guest was Andi Chandler, invited by Carole Crossley. Andi commented on the our picture on Facebook, that we are an amazing group and she had a blast joining us for lunch!

We are amazing!!!

Danelle Tegarden
SIE President 2019-2020

Posted on September 29th, 2019

Hello Ladies,

What a great meeting we had on Thursday. One would never know that pizza and salad were not originally n the menu. Thursday morning around 10:30 am I received an e-mail from Misty at the Red Lion that lunch wouldn't be prepared for us due to an emergency in the kitchen. What to do?? For an instant, I thought, "Well dang, what can be done?" So, I called Ann Jadro-Bettiga and Dyann O'Brien. Ann ordered pizza to be delivered by Babe's and Dyann put together a salad. Crisis averted. I love being part of our club! Thank you!!

Our meeting included speakers from Mercy's Haven. The two ladies that spoke told us about their transitional home for women that have completed rehab and are ready for the next step. This is especially important for a woman that does not have a support from family and friends. I have included a link to their website for more information. These ladies have visited our club a few years ago and we were happy to have them back. Thank you Brooke for a great program. Brooke also facilitated our SIE Trivia and our SIE Snippet. (Thank you Elaine for the SIE Educational Snippet.)
We had 15 members, two speakers, and two guests attend for a total of 19. Mandy Marquez invited Jessica (last name?) from US Bank and Elaine's sister in law from Lake Havasu were our visitors. Included in the members is our newest Soroptimist, Theatta Smith. Carole Crossley is Theatta's sponsor. It is also possible that Mandy's guest will be joining us as well.

Remember that we don't have a meeting next week. However, we have stuff going on!

Monday the 23rd, Masquerade Ball Meeting at the Sushi Spot, McKinleyville at 5:15.
Tuesday the 24th, Awards Commitee Meeting at Chapalas, Eureka, at 5:30
Thursday the 26th, Elaine Reed is hosting a Pampered Chef Wedding Shower for Brooke. Here is the link to the invitation and the website.  Elaine is also inviting family to see her Train Garden.

Our schedule seems a little ambitious this week. Remember that while the board wants you to be involved, however, we don't want you to be overwhelmed. Attend the functions that want to and have time for!!

President Danelle

Posted on September 29th, 2019

Hello Ladies:

What a great way to begin the year! Today we inducted 3 new members. Welcome Beth Christians, Darcy Gray and Christa Jones. We had 18 members (including our new inductees) attend and 3 guests.  Carole Crossley had two guests, Theatta Smith and Darlene Baty. Bev Hood brought her daughter, Jen Hood.

Dyann O'Brien began the induction by explaining to our new members a little bit about Soroptimist. We are a service organization that benefits women and girls. She also gave each new member her Soroptimist pin, name badge and information packet. Dyann told the new members that Soroptimist is a gift you give yourself.  Brooke Clarke continued the induction by having each member select a slip of paper that had a question printed on it relating to being a member of our club. I learned a lot about our members today. A few examples of the questions are as follows:  "Why are you a Soroptimist?" "What committees have you served on?" "What has been your favorite project?" One question asked if you have cried, in a good way, because of a memory of Soroptimist. The memory usually had to do with our awards...whether it was our presentations at the club level or at the region level. Mandy Marquez told us that our returning member, Darcy Gray, asked her to her first meeting. Mandy also talked about how she grew up with Soroptimist.  Wow! Hannah Winans told us how a recipient of  the Women's Opportunity Award - (Now the Live Your Dream Award) was able to continue her education and is now helping others as a social worker. Hannah was able to experience this first hand - as a CASA volunteer.

I was truly humbled at the answers that were given by our members and I am prouder than ever to be a part of our awesome organization. We are making a difference in our community....and our world.

My question was "Why did you join Soroptimist?" I joined because someone invited me to a meeting. And I stayed. I continue to stay because I truly love what we stand for and what we do. And have I mentioned that we have FUN!! If I hadn't joined this wonderful group of women, I might never have met many of you and that would be a shame!!!

Now that I'm finished gushing about Soroptimist, here is what's going on!
October 19th, District Meeting in Petaluma
October 25th, Masquerade Ball, The Inn @ 2nd & C
November 14th, Quarter Craze, Eureka Woman's Club

Remember that our club meets at the Red Lion Inn on the first three Thursdays of the month at noon. The meeting dues are $17 and include lunch. Our business meeting is the 2nd Thursday of the month.

Our Board meets the Monday of the same week as the business meeting. If you have any suggestions, comments, etc. for the board, please contact one our board members. Our directors, Mandy Marquez and Elaine Reed are the liaisons for our members and they welcome your comments and questions. (This is true of any member of the board.)  Our next board meeting is this upcoming Monday the 9th.

Thank you everyone...

Danelle Tegarden

SIE President 2019-2020




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