Soroptimist International of Eureka
In Memoriam
 The Soroptimist Grove is located near Prairie Creek State Park at mile marker 129.  Under the direction of Governor Ruth Thomas Heitfieldof Sacramento, the Redwood Grove in Prairie Creek State park was purchased by the clubs in Southwestern Region. The grove, consisting of 40 acres of old growth redwood, fir,and other species of trees, was purchased through the Save the Redwoods League for $10,000.
This tree, dedicated in honor of Violet Richardson Ward, Founder Soroptimist Clubs, By Southwestern Region, S.F.A. 50th Anniversary - 1971.

 On June 13, 1971 at a special dedication a tall stately redwood was named to honor the first president of Soroptimist, Violet Richardson Ward. Many Soroptimists werein attendance at this(50th) fiftieth Anniversary event. There were also representatives from Save the Redwoods League and the State Parks.

In 1976 Southwestern Region was divided into three regions, the Memorial Grove allotted to Founder Region
This bench was placed in the grove in honor of Catherine (Kate) Burns. Through her dedication and tenacity, she has seen that the tradition of honoring our members who we have lost,  has continued to this day. 
Violet Richardson Ward, the first President of the first Soroptimist Club, dedicating the grove on August 14, 1949.
The stone marker was dedicated on August 14, 1949.                          

In 1958, Soroptimist International of Eureka purchased and installed a bronze box and door, adorned with the Soroptimist insignia and etched rhododendron spray.

In October 1958 the first Memorial Service was held at the grove.

The names of 154 deceased members were placed in the niche. It was soon after this first service.
SI/Eureka member, Dyann O'Brien, presenting Kate Burns with a picture of her memorial bench.
"In honor of Catherine Burns for all her years supporting the
Founder Region Soroptimist Memorial Grove."
Violet reflecting in quite contemplation at the tree that was dedicated to her in honor for  her years of Soroptimist service.

60th Anniversary of Memorial Grove - 1958 - 2018

June 10,  2018 - Pam Parker, Governor; Sylvia Crafton, Governor-elect

In Memoriam - Soroptimist International of Eureka Members

2017/2018 - Marilynn Hofstetter - SIA President 1980-1982, SI President1987-1989 - joined 4/19/1954, transferred from Whittier 4/19/1996
2014/2015 - Ellen Dusick - joined 2/11/1971
2009/2010 - Janice Enrica Rice - joined 9/6/1990
2005/2006 - Neville Hensel - joined 7/19/1971; Elaine Todd - joined 10/5/1970
2003/2004 - Bobbi Alexander - joined 1/10/1967
2002/2003 - Marianne Gay
1999/2000 - Helen Reid
1997/1998 - Barbara Hall, Fern Enke, Zelma Ratchford
1996/1997 - Nene Collver, Alice Kjer, Madalena Roberts,
1994/1995 - Effa Wyckoff
1989/1999 - Euple Theil
1988/1999 - Kathleen Halvorsen, Imogene B. Platt (Charter Member) - joined 5/28/1938
1986/1987 - Aurea Barnard
1985/1986 - Margery B. Autrey
1983/1984 - Dorothy Flower Way, Ruby Shanahan
1982/1983 - Jean Wyckoff
1981/1982 - Geneva Rooney
1980/1981 - Margaret Agnes Delaney,  Helen B. Murie (Charter Member) - joined 5/28/1938
1979-1980 - Jessamine Montelbetti
1976/1977 - Gladys Gresham
1975/1976 - Ellen May Burns, Frances Heuer
1973/1974 - May M. Pettengill (Charter Member) - joined 5/28/1938
1972/1973 - Ruth Replogle
1971/1972 - Winifred Edwards
1970/1971 - Dillon Wetherbee
1969/1970 - Iva Hagen
1968/1969 - Vera Woolford
1967/1968 - Lucille Enke
1966/1967 - Aneta Robinson
1964/1965 - Lou Barnum
1961/1962 - Annie McGaraghan, Nova Marshall
1959/1960 - Mary Russell
1958/1959 - Edna Davis