Soroptimist International of Eureka
Most service organizations have Identifying Projects that help the organization realize its mission. From Soroptimist International down to the club level, one will find many innovative, heartwarming, and challenging projects to fulfill the Soroptimist mission, which is to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment. Club projects reflect the interest, background, and skills of the membership, and give a club focus and local notoriety in their communities.

Fellowship is the identifying project of Founder Region. FRF's mission is to advance the status of women through financial support to women in the final phase of their doctoral degree. This project gives grants to selected women attending universities within the bounds of Founder Region. A byproduct of this support is affirmation of the importance of the recipients' work and value as an individual.

How to become a Fellow:
•Contribute $1,000 to Founder Region Fellowship within two bienniums.
•Members can win fellowships by participating in raffles.
•Donations to Fellowship can be made by anyone, including non-members.
•Click here to set up a Monthly Pledge of $25 or more to become a fellow.

 LEVEL 1                                  LEVEL 2         LEVEL 3
Siobhan Ayres Dyan O'Brien Donna Ayres
Catherine Burns Debbie Thompson                        
Kristin Chorbi
Crystal Hull
Ann Jadro-Bettiga
Mandy Marquez
Elaine Reed
Sandra Weyer
Danelle Tegarden

*Dawn Moreland - no longer in Founder Region
The Laurel Society is SIA’s prestigious recognition program for donors who contribute gifts totaling $1,000 or more. Since 1994, nearly 7,000 Laurel Society members have given over $12 million to help economically empower women and girls through our Dream Programs.

Monthly Giving
A monthly gift of any amount provides an efficient and reliable source of funding for Soroptimist’s Dream Programs. It’s an easy way to give and help ensure the women and girls who count on Soroptimist receive your ongoing support. Become a monthly giver today!
All monthly gifts count toward your recognition in the Laurel Society.

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SI/Eureka Laurel Society Members Contributors - not yet
Dona Ayres Laurel Society Members
Kate Burns                                          Ann Jadro Bettiga         Kris Chorbi                                          Dyann O"Brien
Cori Reed                                          Danelle Tegarden
Elaine Reed                                          Ann Weyer
Debbie Thompson
Sandra Weyer
Amy Whitlatch

Other Ways to Give:
Employer Matching Gifts
Through a corporate gift match, your employer can multiply your donation to Soroptimist. Contact your employer’s human resources department for information and a matching gift form (if your employer participates).
Your Soroptimist club can extend its reach beyond your local community. When your club makes a Club Giving contribution of at least 10% of what your club raises locally, you help ensure SIA can increase the number of women and girls who benefit from our global programs.

Learn about the Club Giving Benefits.

Download 10 Reasons to give at least 10% - click here
2017-2019 SI President’s Appeal, ‘Women, Water and Leadership"
'Women, Water and Leadership' - the Soroptimist International President’s Appeal for the 2017-2019 biennium, will unite Soroptimists across the globe; increasing awareness of the vital role of women as equal partners at all levels of the water sector. The President’s Appeal will support projects that educate, empower and enable women. The Appeal is currently supporting exciting projects in Kenya and Bulgaria, and will in the future support at least three further transformative projects.

It is increasingly accepted that women must play an important role in water management and their position is vital in achieving equitable access to water for all, and for all uses. Despite positive steps taken in past decades, the potential contributions of women in water development remain largely untapped, inhibit­ing women’s economic empowerment. At least five projects will be supported on five continents that educate, empower and enable women and girls to lead in water, embracing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the targets set out in SDG 6: Water and sanitation, SDG 4: Education, and SDG 5: Gender Equality.
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Watch a video from SI President, Mariet Verhoef-Cohen: click here
Download President's Appeal Flyer: click here