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STOP Trafficking

Soroptimists STOP Trafficking

​Soroptimist continues to fight against Human Trafficking!
Humboldt County Soroptimist members of SI/Arcata, SI/Eureka, SI/Eel River Valley, SI/Humboldt Bay, SI/McKinleyville, & SI/The Redwoods attended the Humboldt County Board of Supervisor’s meeting on May 22nd. We would like to thank our County Supervisors for presenting the Human Trafficking Proclamation and for their continued support to raise awareness and STOP Human Trafficking. Working together we can make a difference!
SI/Eureka members raising awareness about Human Trafficking.
  Ask us how to STOP traffiking?
Soroptimist clubs have long been fighting the injustices of human trafficking. ​We host events to help spread awareness about the problem of in our local communities and around the world. Soroptimists STOP Trafficking is our club's identifying project. We have been involved with local survivor groups to raise awareness about the issue this year and have helped to teach our community! Thank you to EPI, North Coast Rape Crises Team, Thank you to McKinleyville High and  SI/McKinleyville for your participation. An extra special thank you to the Survivor speakers for your bravery to share your stories.

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It's Game Over 

Elle Snow with Game Over speaks at our meetings and conferences to give us updates and information on the fight against Sex Trafficking in our community! 

GAME OVER's vision is to see "The Game" dismantled by exposing pimp culture through public awareness, preventative education, art advocacy, training, and education.​

Their mission is to provide education to the public on how to prevent, identify, and assist those who have been trafficked.

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A Survivor herself, Elle Snow is fighting sex-trafficking through education and advocacy. Elle is currently providing educational training to youth groups, community members, service providers, social workers, medical staff, foster parents, victim advocates, and law enforcement agencies throughout the nation. Elle is a two-time Soroptimist Ruby Award winner and has been recognized by Congress and Senate Members for her work in the anti-trafficking movement. She is a member of Soroptimist International, The Survivor-Leaders Institute, and The National Survivor Network.

Elle is CO-creator/director and producer of Jane Doe in Wonderland, an educational play, written by Dell' Arte students; Kate Tobie, Erin Johnson, and Grace Booth. Elle is also currently a Speaker on The Rebecca Bender Initiative Speakers Team, as well as  Founder/Board President of GAME OVER. 

"Jane Doe in Wonderland"

J​ane Doe in Wonderland was born out of the desire to tell a story, a story of trafficking and survival that didn’t happen far off overseas, but in our own backyard. Survivor Leader Elle Snow had always identified with the story of Alice falling down the rabbit-hole; the absurd characters, Alice’s mistreatment and self-blame, and the upside-down logic of Wonderland eerily echoed her experience as a trafficking victim. When approached by playwrights Grace Booth, Erin Johnston and Kate Tobie with an opportunity to use theatre to tell this story, Elle proposed connecting the well-known, beloved story of Alice with her own untold and misunderstood story as a sex trafficking victim.

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